Open Season

Open Fire Season Conditions


RESTRICTED - Some areas within Otago require a permit 365 days of the year see our website for further details.

The Otago Fire and Emergency New Zealand puts the following conditions on burning in the open air during an Open Season:-

No person may light a fire in the open air under any of the following conditions:

  1. Where the location, wind or other conditions cause or are likely to cause the fire to become:
    • A danger or smoke hazard to any person, property or road; or
    • Out of control or spread beyond the limits of the property on which it is lit.
  2. Within 20 metres of any part of power lines, a building, tree, hedge, fence or other combustible material.
  3. Where the fire is a moving burn in standing fuel for the purpose of land clearance/land management.
  4. Without continuous supervision being maintained at all times.
  5. Without adequate means of fire suppression being onsite and available for use.
  6. No fires are allowed to be lit on a beach.

Additionally, any person lighting a fire in the open air must:

  1. Have the fire out before dark.
  2. Check the daily and long range weather forecast prior to lighting.  Consider wind direction and speed and low humidity or frontal change.
  3. Ensure you have the appropriate safety gear and equipment.
  4. All public access points and or tracks must be adequately managed to protect the public during the period of the permitted burn.
  5. Always have a planned safe escape route(s) away from the fire.
  6. Please ensure you have adequate insurances in place before lighting the fire.
  7. Have the permission of the landowner to light the fire